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5 Reusable Product Swaps for Beginners


I was there once before. A newcomer to the reusable world and had no clue where to begin, what would work for our family, and how far I was willing to dive into the reusable realm. After our family made it's initial swap into cloth diapering it seemed like a no-brainer to keep searching for more ways to save money and our environment. Look how far we've come! Reusable products hold a huge part of our lives now.

The Paper Pileup



           The average person is said to use 45 pounds of paper towel products per year, a number that's hard to swallow, for our landfills that is. Collectively, each year over 13 billion pounds of these handy paper rolls are used and the number is climbing.

            Paper towels are often thrown out very used and dirty, degrading the quality of any recyclable material. On top of that they do not contain much fiber, making them very costly to recycle. This means that paper towels used in our every day lives end up becoming purely a waste product, not to mention the money wasted that is later to be thrown into the garbage!

             Making a simple change, such as each American reducing the quantity of towels they used by one per day, would save 571,230,000 pounds of paper waste each year. Another way to measure that, is 554,000 trees that are saved in just one year. Imagine the effect over a decade or more! Although low cost, convenient, and easily overused, cutting back can save a significant amount of money, reduce waste, and help preserve the environment. There are many options to reduce paper waste, or replace paper towels entirely. Below are a few ideas...

  • Shake your hands off well, before drying them with a paper towel. This reduces the amount of moisture on your hands, and in turn the amount of towels needed to dry off.
  • Save napkins from restaurants visited, take out, and the morning coffee stop. Place them in a drawer and use as needed to prevent the constant purchase of paper towels.
  • Old linens such as worn towels, stained tablecloths, old bed sheets, or even the T-shirts you never wear can make a great way to wipe up a mess by cutting them into smaller pieces and storing for the heavier kitchen jobs.
  • Invest in reusable kitchen towels, such as the ones KyMia offers. With a design that can compliment your decor and save you money, you can reduce the paper towel waste from your household to zero!

A little is a lot, with small changes we can all do our part to reduce the impact on our landfills, forests, and wallets!